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"Love is like a tree, it grows of its own accord, it puts down deep roots into our whole being"

 Victor Hugo

Forest Trees


We have so many different trees and other leafy greenery available in all shapes, sizes and leaf colours which can create an amazing botanical effect for your wedding.


From our collection you can choose tall leafy Eucalyptus and Silver Birch trees that will fill a large room with leafiness,

more formal Bay or Olive topiary lollipop trees or perhaps our mini tabletop trees and ferns that to grace your wedding breakfast tables and really wow your guests.


Why not get in touch now to see how we can help transform your wedding.

Star Jasmine Arches

If anything shouts a romantic wedding, it just has to be a stunning leafy green real foliage arch.


They can be used in so many different ways - to walk through at the start of your wedding aisle, to stand as a gorgeous leafy backdrop behind your ceremony table or your wedding breakfast table. They look stunning outside church doorways or marquee entrances and can even be a used over your cake or drinks table or as a botanical leafy photo booth backdrop. They look truly magical on a summers evening or on a wintery day, covered in hundreds of twinkly fairy lights.

  • Curved arches in two heights at 2.5m and 2.8m and 2m wide.

  • Squared arches at 2.4m high and 2m wide.

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Tall Trees

How about a little bit of Wow!! Five luscious varieties of tall leafy trees for you to choose....

  • Mature loose headed Olive trees aka our 'Shaggies' at 2.5m tall

  • Bowl Olive trees at 1.8m tall - these are bushy Olive trees in a terracotta coloured bowl shaped planter topped with moss

  • Eucalyptus trees at 3.5m to 4m tall

  • Single stemmed Birch trees at 3.5 to 4m tall

  • Multi stemmed Birch trees at 3m tall

The birch trees loose their leaves in the winter but can look just as gorgeous with their bare stems festooned with fairy lights!

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Our specials

A small collection of totally unique statement trees. t


To remind you, our Specials collection is .... 

  • Privet topiary hearts at 1.5m tall ... so romantic

  • Straight stemmed variegated topiary lollipop Euonymus trees at 1.5m tall ..... beautiful contrast 

  • Huge 'big boy' helix stemmed topiary lollipop Bay trees at 2m tall ....  totally grand and stately

  • Corkscrew stemmed topiary lollipop Olive trees at 1.5m tall .....   quirky but beautiful

313 CameHouse WhiteChaletStudio 359.jpg

Topiary lollipops

Our beautiful super quality lollipop trees ....?  Called lollipops because that is just what they resemble. 

All these trees look amazing in so many different places - creating a beautiful green wedding aisle, standing sentry either side of a doorway or a fireplace, making a focal point of your welcome sign or table plan, guarding your cake table or edging a flight of stairs. The possibilities are endless.

  • Lollipop Bay trees at 1.5m tall .... beautiful dark green glossy leaves

  • Walkway Bay trees at 1.2m tall (see our walkway bay package on the 'Our Packages' page) 

  • Lollipop Olive trees at 1.7m tall ...... mediterranean style

  • Lollipop Olive trees (shorter stems and bigger heads aka 'our stumpys') at 1.5m tall

  • Flamingo Willow at 2m tall ..... beautiful and elegant with green, pink and white leaves


Our minis 

Would you like to be more eco friendly, then why not dress your wedding breakfast tables with cute mini trees or ferns.  Imagine all that lush greenery surrounded with pretty lanterns and loads of dinky jewelled T-lights. Just perfect!

Our 'minis' collection consists of -

  • Olive trees with bushy loose heads at 0.5m tall ..... mini bonsai Olive trees 

  • Bay topiary lollipop trees with clear stems at 0.75m tall .... perfect height so your guests can still chat away

  • Citrus trees with clear stems at 0.75m tall .....  even have fruits at certain times of the year

  • Ferns at 0.4m tall ..... frondy loveliness for tables, mantle scapes and just about anywhere

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